Shopping With Promo Codes

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Have you ever seen the box asking you to enter the promo code during the checkout process in online shopping? Entering the promo code in the box helps online shopper to save some money from the total amount for which they have made a purchase. If you are unaware of promo codes, here’s the answer for you.

Promo Codes (Promotional Codes)

These codes are otherwise known as coupon codes. They are basically digital coupon, unlike the printed ones that are given by the retailer. This code can be entered in the box during online checkout. Just like the printed coupon, this digital coupon helps in saving money during purchase.

Promo codes are of different types and they have a different value. While some offer free shipping some give a discount off the total purchase amount.

How do Promo Codes Work?

Promo codes do have some restrictions just like the printed coupons. The person who gets the promo code should carefully read the terms and conditions on the fine print carefully so as to meet all the conditions during online shopping. Promo codes might not support a certain brand or will not work for some of the items on the site.

All the promo codes have expiration dates and the number of times the coupons is used can also be restricted by the retailer before the date of expiry.

Types of Promo Codes

If the promo codes are publicly released to everyone, then there is no limit to using it. They will also be available at all the coupon sites.

There are some promo codes released privately by the retailers and are given only to some group of people. It is given to the group who might be frequent shoppers in particular sites or based on the general shopping history of individuals. Also, these codes cannot be used by anyone else.

Finding the Promo Codes

There are many sites that help in finding such coupons. Also, online stores like Harrods release Harrods promo code to customers. Sign up with such sites and be their customer to know more about exciting offers.