In general, everyone starts the process of home improvement with a detailed plan and a revised budget. In spite of the budget being designed, at most of the situations the budget goes out of control or goes beyond the revised budget. There are many ways by which money can be kept under budget through some of the ideas. But these ideas will turn out to time-consuming.

  • Consider 2 to 3 proposals and select the preferable one based on the needs and budget from MICA.
  • It is always good to buy things in person rather than through contractors. By this method, the commission to be given to the contractors can be prevented.
  • The leftover products can be bought from the manufacturers which they feel difficult to sell. This can be preferred for all products. But this offers very less range of selection of the products.
  • Regarding home improvement work, some of the simple work can be done by us, thus saving some amount. For instance, lying down of carpets, usage of bed cover and preparation of room before the work is started.
  • Reusing is another best way to keep the budget without exceeding the value. For instance, cabinets, doors that were currently used can be used for the upcoming ideas.
  • Payment is done through the cash which is being paid to the contractors and workers who work in this renovation. Usage of credit card will lead to the payment of interest for the payment. So, it is always preferred to use cash rather than credit card.
  • It is not good to purchase low-quality The low-quality products will quickly wear off. This automatically leads to spending the amount twice on the same product, thus failing the purpose of budget done.
  • It is advised not to touch the actual design of the house.