The most frequent question asked is why you buy a male chastity device? Well, it is to let you experience sex on an altogether new level. However, it is also important to know that the device that you choose should be perfect.

The penis is all different and no two are alike. This device contains the penis and it prevents any orgasm or erection. It is definitely wrong to think that buying a chastity device of a larger size can allow erection. Once you are locked there is no erection for you.

I bought a male chastity device Ltc because it was very comfortable to wear. I could wear it for 24 hours without any irritation or pain. It also never woke me up in the night in case I got an erection. All it did was it prevented the erection from growing further.

It also prevents erection and the ability to masturbate. Getting orgasm is not very easy and you really have to do hard work to get the device off. Also since I was locked to enforce chastity I wasn’t even trying to get out of it.

The device that I bought was totally secure and it took some great work to pull it off the penis. I was also totally committed to my key holder and was not masturbating without her nod. The device was such that it was not an escape but was doing great to contain my penis.

The chastity device was also very easy to clean and maintain. All that it needed was a regular shower with some shower gel and this kept it completely odor free and clean.

Overall it was a great device and it took the complete experience of having sex to a new level. It also improved the bond and installed more trust in my partner and enforced chastity offered me utmost pleasure and fantasies.…