Relationships are all about giving and receiving physical and emotional satisfaction to each other. When it comes to sexual relations there is no need to stick to the regular, when there are so many sex toys to take advantage of.

And the couples who love exploring the anal play also have a wide range of sex toys to choose from. If you are a straight couple or gay, butt plugs are one of the simplest and best anal play sex toys made.

Especially when you indulge in ‘role playing’ games with your partner; it can be a perfect sex toy to not just enhance sexual pleasure in the anus but also to add fun to your role play.

You could ignite your wild side as you explore some role play including wild animals. To add fun to your ‘wild role play’ these plugs are available with animal tails towards the flared end of the butt plug. You can shop from some great options available at

Horse hair butt plugs

These are need not only be about having the pleasure nerves around the anus stimulated. You can also use horse hair butt plugs that have the rear end with a tip to insert into the anus and the other send has real or faux horse hair tail.

You could insert this plug inside your anus and have a horse like tail outside your butts. You could strut your stuff and show off your assets as you walk playing the role of a stimulated stallion.

The hair from the horse tail serves multiple purposes.

  • It enhances the effect of your role play, making you look and feel like a real stallion
  • The hair tickles and stimulates your thighs and teases all erogenous zones that were unknown.
  • The horse tail can also serve the purpose of a gentle whip as you ride your partner like a stud on the loose.

All of this while enjoying some delicious sensations inside your own anus.…