A service animal is a working pet which has been trained to assist people with specific disabilities. For example, animals that assist the blind, or people with hearing defects, mobility impairment, or as a therapy support to relive people from stress.

Because these mutts are trained to fulfil some specific purposes and provide emotional support, it is very essential for their pet parents and caretakers to equip them with the best accessories. The accessories for our four-legged service animals not only provide convenience but also serve as alerts to other people around to not distract or disrupt them from doing their job. Though the vests and Velcro patches are not compulsory, they are widely used and usually come in specific colours that denote their purpose.

We provide the best range of accessories for all your four-legged best friends. They include vests and harnesses, Velcro and sew-in patches, capes, small backpacks, capes, collars and lead-on, special kits and pouches, ids, and other items of convenience.

Our range of accessories for service dog have been designed keeping in mind the various requirements in sizes, shapes, styles, and purpose of use. They are weather-proof and sustainable in tough conditions. The design element covers both the comfort and the style factors. The products are of good quality and come with a warranty cover. The durability and comfort of our products on your canine besties will make you approach us again.

Our mission is to provide the best equipment for our tykes to comfortably assist any differently-abled person or animal and assist the service animals in any way possible.

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