Madden 17 is a very addictive game which can be so tempting that while playing you might feel like spending real money. But you need some effort to get coins faster in MUT. Initially you will require at least 20,000 coins which you will be investing later in other places.

There are many ways to get these coins which are mentioned below. This shows you how to get MUT coins other than by just playing the games.

  • One of the sources for steady stream of easy coins is by knocking out MUT’s rotating objectives.This can earn you around 1000 coins if you can complete it. Hence, it is absolutely worth doing whenever you get a chance.
  • You can try to complete the number of solo challenges if you have enough patience.Some of these challenges can be completed at the beginning and they can earn you a lot of easy coins.In fact, because of its quick movement, you will end up with a good amount of coins.
  • You can be at the auction house, whenever you get bored of grinding out coins. Here, you get a chance to study the market to find out the cards that should be preferred, and also you can find good cards and deals at lower prices than usual. So, whenever you find a card which is cheap, you must pick it although you have no plans to use it because when you win, you can sell it at a higher price. This might earn you only few hundred coins but if it is done across several auctions, it can add on to many more coins.
  • Avoid spending your coins on packs because these packs can be very unreliable which can be very disappointing. Although you can be fortunate enough to earn something worth a lot but then you will also end up getting cards which will be of no use to you.