I had piled up loads of weight on myself:

I have had been a fitness freak right from childhood. However, life does have strange ways and I found myself putting on a lot of weight right after the fifth year of marriage.

The reason I attribute to my weight gain is purely medical:

I was struggling to conceive and I was under treatment. The fertility treatment I opted for had majorly some kind of steroids that I needed to consume to set right a condition which doctors attributed to genetics. And it was with this rider that the treatment had a fifty percent of success rate but there was a hundred and fifty chance of putting on a lot of weigh on myself.

I was confident about the weight loss part:

Because I was so looking forward to conceiving and become a mommy and because I was confident of my active lifestyle and my willpower I decided to go for this treatment. I knew at the back of my mind that nothing could come in my way to motherhood.

The treatment worked and I gave birth to two pairs of wonderful twins!

But as expected I started gaining so much weight that I could not even move for days. I had body aches and I was reduced to bed rest. This was devastating except that I had the willpower to overcome whatever hurdles come my way!

And I did!

One day, I was looking for a healthy smoothie for the kids on the internet and I come across this advertisement that talks about diet pills. I learned about nutisystem lean 13 diet from here, yes the internet and I am glad that I ordered from them immediately. I had no questions really in my mind when I read the promo. It was like some kind of instinct that it was going to work for me! And it did. Today, I have shed 45 pounds in only two months and I am feeling so healthy. I am glad that I listened to my heart that day!!